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Health & Safety Management...


What we can offer to you!

•    Licensing – The way through the maze legally.

•    Health and Safety – How to ungobble the gobbledegook and keep you safe.

•    Traffic Management – Getting your audience in and out happily, efficiently and safely.

•    Concessions – Quality food and drink at your event.

•    Stewarding and Security – Keeping you audience happy and safe whilst fulfilling obligations to the artists.

•    Design – planning your event site to give you the best wow factor from the word go plus all of the above and more….In  fact all you need to make your ideas a walking/talking reality.

Our team at HPSS Events Limited have the qualifications and expertise to guide you through the world of licensing and Health & Safety with knowledge and the belief that it is not there to stop the event but to make it happen safely and legally with no nasty surprises.

So we may say “why not do it this way”.

We will advise on the best way to find the path through the legislation in place, and if we don’t know the answer, we will know someone who does.

After all it is your event and our role to help you achieve your dreams.

Testimonial-Susan Cracknell, Humberside Police.

"I had the pleasure of working on a couple of major events with Hpss Event Associates. Attending numerous meetings with them, I found them to be a true professional, very capable and knowledgable event managers and organisers. Would I recommend them and work with them again. Yes of course I would. anyone employing them will get a job safely and well done."

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